A Few Tips to Get You Started...

Bird and nature watching is an outdoor sport - bring your gear and be prepared to have fun! The mornings start outdoors at 6am and the days are spent in the mountains at various elevations and physical environments. Mornings can be quite cool, afternoons quite warm, and a spring shower may pop up. You never know what you're going to get into.

Health Safety
- hand sanitizer
- masks
- disinfectant wipes
- thermometer
- COVID test

Gear Ideas

- binoculars
- camera
- spotting scope
- field guide(s)
- sunglasses
- hat with a visor**
- rain jacket
- hiking shoes
- sunblock
- allergy medicine
- personal emergency medical kit***
- toiletries
- travel snacks
- battery chargers
- notebook and pencil
- refillable water bottle

Clothing Ideas
- chilly Appalachian mornings and warm afternoons... most days require layers
- jacket
- gloves/scarf
- pants
- shorts
- long and short sleeved shirts
- comfortable clothes and shoes for down-time

**NRBNF uber-awesome hats are available for purchase at the Meadows all week of the Festival while supplies last.
***We have an emergency medical kit available on each field trip.

We eagerly look forward to hosting and birding with you during your spring migration stopover (with our best big cheesy grins, and we mean it!)
- Festival check-in is when you arrive at the Meadows for Birding by Butt, or Popcorn Presentation, or Dinner. Look for one of your hosts Rachel, Geoff, Keith or Paul - we wear name tags and we will gladly get you settled in.
- Upon arrival / check-in you will receive a bird species checklist, name tag and personal itinerary.
- Registered participants receive a final invoice reminder with itinerary, information and maps – all of which you should read over and bring along with you.
- We provide lunch, water and utensils on field trips. Feel free to bring your own field trip snacks.
- If you are staying with our lodging partners, check in is between 3 and 5pm the day before your first field trip. Contact them directly to handle late check-in details.
- Birding by Butt is at the Meadows at Opossum Creek Retreat. Coffee is on at 6am, breakfast at 8am, and birds will follow on their own schedule.
- Burnwood is the breakfast/trip rendezvous point, and is located immediately north of New River Gorge Bridge, across Rt. 19 from the National Park Service Canyon Rim Visitor Center.

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