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Fayette County Education Fund, Inc.

The NRBNF and our friends have helped support the Fayette County Education Fund and its programs through the years. It is the mission of the non-profit organization, Fayette County Education Fund (FCEF), to secure the future of Fayette County by providing relevant leadership and environmental training to the community, with an emphasis on youth education. This mission is carried out through the programs Leadership Fayette County, Wolf Creek Wanderers, and a variety of environmental focused wetlands and bird programs delivered through the New River Birding & Nature Center at the wetlands and woodlands located at Wolf Creek Park.

The FCEF is an important organization in leading our county down the path of strengthen sustainable growth initiatives. Through various programs, local youth will gain important knowledge and be able to make informed decisions with regard to returning home to "Live, Learn, Work and Play" upon completion of their higher education. In order to preserve the natural environment in Fayette County, the FCEF will provide a wide variety of student and community learning experiences designed to educate the public on sustainable living and development practices while providing pathways connecting the environment and economic growth.

As a non-profit organization, the FCEF graciously accepts tax-deductible monetary donations from generous businesses and the individuals. You may designate your donation to any of the programs listed below and you must check out the FUNdraiser opportunities. To donate any sum with PayPal click this text, and you may designate your donation to any of the programs. Checks made payable to Fayette County Education Fund, Inc. can be mailed to:
Geoff Heeter
Fayette County Chamber of Commerce
310 Oyler Avenue
Oak Hill, WV 25901

Leadership Fayette County

A program for selected Fayette County high school juniors to promote essential leadership qualities while providing first hand experiences in the business, government, and tourism sectors of Fayette County, West Virginia. Read More

Wolf Creek Wanderers

Free program for those entering grades 8 - 12, exploring Natural Science at Wolf Creek Park's New River Birding & Nature Center's Wetlands and Woodlands. Read More

New River Birding & Nature Center

With a gorgeous view in any season, this gem of a spot drips with migrating birds and overflows with plant and wild life. Since 2008, the New River Birding & Nature Center serves as an environmental education hub for residents, businesses, and visitors from across and beyond West Virginia. School groups, families, and adults who visit the site benefit from programs and guided field trips, and self-interpretive activities unavailable anywhere else in the region. Read More

Extend the Wetlands Boardwalk, Woodland Trails, and Observation Deck

Click here to learn about sponsoring or dedicating a portion of a new Observation Deck, a section of Wetlands Boardwalk, and/or a section of Woodland Trail in the New River Birding & Nature Center's Outdoor Classroom!


The NRBNF and our friends have helped support Fayette County Education Fund and its programs. These are some fun fundraiser ideas we've come up with. Pick your favorite and go in on your own or with a friend. Read More

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